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businessSchwartz Law Firm Wins Another State CIF - Appeal for Athletic Eligibility

James G. Schwartz, of the Law Offices of James G. Schwartz PC, won a ruling on a student Athletic Eligibility case.

In a recent decision, the California Interscholastic Federation ("CIF") Appeals Panel of the CIF-North Coast Section ruled that Schwartz's client ("Client") was eligible to play varsity basketball.

The Client was a basketball player who had played varsity since her freshman year. The Client had also played on an AAU team for many years (the high school coach and the AAU coach were the same). The Client was interested in continuing to play basketball.

This case stemmed from a decision by the Client's family to change school districts at the end of the Client's sophomore year. The family's decision was based on Client's grade deterioration as well as the deterioration of academics at the Client's former high school (Old School). The parents had determined to move to a new high school (New School) in another school district with better academics and environment. The parents found such a high school and put their house up of for sale.

Unbeknownst to the Client and her parents, the New School was looking for a new basketball coach. So while Client's parents were looking for a new house and signing Client up for the New School, the basketball coach of the Old School was applying for a job at the New School and was subsequently hired.

The CIF-North Coast Section Commissioner turned down Client's request for transfer eligibility and found moving schools was based on athletic motivation and pre-enrollment contacts. Client was ruled ineligible to play basketball for one year.

Client and her parents came to the Law Offices of James G. Schwartz PC for help in appealing the Commissioner's decision. The Schwartz Law Firm, as part of their education law practice, is one of the few firms to have handled high school athletic eligibility cases.

By working with the Client and her parents on the facts of the case, and knowing the CIF rules and regulations, the Schwartz Law Firm was able to guide and counsel clients through the confusing maze of CIF rules, regulations and paperwork, prepare the necessary documents for appeal, and attend the Appeal Hearing.

In this case, James G. Schwartz was successful in convincing the three member Appeals Panel that there was no evidence of undue influence or recruiting associated with the transfer of schools; that Client was transfer eligible; and there was no athletic motivation in either the move or the fact the basketball coach changed jobs.

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