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Here at the James G. Schwartz student rights advocacy center, our lawyers have the knowledge, skill, and experience to effectively advocate for and advise you and your family regarding your legal rights and options when faced with academic disciplinary proceedings. Many students are unaware that the California Legislature has enacted the California Educational Code which mandates strict school compliance with everything from the rules regulating disclosure of a student's personal information, to the procedures for appealing a negative disciplinary finding.

Our expertise in this area will help students and parents a like chart a course through these tumultuous waters and accurately determine the rights afforded to you under these statutes and regulations. Despite the alarming rhetoric that school administrators often employ to coerce students into agreeing solely to their terms, it may not be in your best interest to leave your future in their hands. While it would be nice to believe that administrators and teachers always have the best interest of the student in mind, we have unfortunately observed a growing trend where the primary focus is on protecting themselves at all costs.

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Academic transcripts and their accompanying disciplinary records often have significant bearing on a student's ability to progress forward, whether it is to the next level of education/training or into the work force. An unresolved blemish or notation, may severely limit your options resulting in the loss of future opportunities and earning capacity. In many instances, there may be substantial due process rights providing you with an opportunity to take action by presenting your own evidence or cross-examining witnesses that have made false accusations.

Whatever your situation, our California student rights attorneys are available to discuss your situation and assess your legal options. Here at the James G. Schwartz student rights advocacy center we believe that your honor, integrity, and reputation are your most important assets and it is our goal to fervently help you protect and/or restore. Contact our office today so that we can help you and your family assesses your options and legal rights.

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